Time Vindicates the Prophet (Joseph Smith)

This presentation below is a follow-up to a similar presentation given 13 years ago. That previous presentation focused on how well Book of Mormon claims relative to Science and Archaeology issues were faring. Horses, steel, cement, etc.

Those scholars highlighted Book of Mormon claims from 1830 to today. And showed which claims were confirmed, trending, or still unconfirmed.

Eber D. Howe – Why the LDS Church is True

1830 – 1844: Critics mentioned 89 anachronisms from 1830 -1844. Only 5 of the 89 had been confirmed before Joseph Smith died.

1845 – 1965: sixty-one new criticisms had been added since 1844. The total number of anachronisms now totaled 150 by 1965. However, 22 were confirmed, 5 were trending, and 123 were still unconfirmed.

1966 – present: 55 new criticisms, bringing grand total to 205 Book of Mormon anachronisms. At this point, 141 are confirmed, 26 are trending, and 38 are unconfirmed.

70% have been confirmed. 81% are confirmed or trending. 19% are unconfirmed.

It’s best to be patient.