Evidence of the LDS Church from Early Christian Teachings

One would think that the Gospel restored by Joseph Smith should at least somewhat reflect the teachings of the early Christian Church. It turns out to have more than just a few similarities.

Wonderful insights:

Barry Bickmore gives a presentation on this same topic: similarities between the restored church and the early Christian church.

Blake Ostler: ex nihilo creation and council of Gods

I heard about Blake from Brett McDonald (creator of LDS Truth Claims videos).  Brett shared a paper Blake wrote on ex nihilo creation.  I’ll link it here:



I emailed Blake a few questions.  He responded immediately.  He suggested, among other things, that I check out resources at his web site.

He has so many books and podcasts. I immediately saw this:

How Many Gods Are There?


Take a look and follow this scholar!



The Doctrine of Creation Ex Nihilo Was Created Out of Nothing

Blake Ostler wrote a great article on ex nihilo creation. Most traditional  Christian (non-Mormon) scholars today understand that the principle of creation ex nihilo was created itself out of nothing (actually due to Greek philosophical influences) around 190 AD.

Mormons believe that matter is eternal. We believe God organized chaotic matter to form the earth and universe.

Joseph Smith cleared up centuries of division, paradoxical creeds, and other philosophic confusion with a few revelations!

It is a long article, but worth your time.

Blake’s bio here:  http://blakeostler.com/biography.html

The Doctrine Of Creation Ex Nihilo Was Created Out Of Nothing