LDS Scriptures: Bible and Book of Mormon

Wonderful lecture about the truth in both scriptures.   Samuel points out some issues found with Protestant and Catholic interpretations of the Bible.

The Book of Mormon provides much clarity in how to build a church.

The Book of Mormon reappropriated the Bible, in the view of this speaker.


1  Employ or adapt (something) for a use different from its original purpose.

‘the twelve stadiums would be reappropriated for housing’
  1. 1.1 Adopt (a derogatory term) for use with a positive or neutral connotation.
    ‘they reappropriated and embraced the insult’
  2. 1.2 Reallocate (money or assets) originally devoted to a different purpose.
    ‘the council has control of the money and can reappropriate it if the need arises’
    2Reclaim or recover (something) for one’s own use.
    ‘he did not reapproproate copyright when the revised version was published’