Bible: divine, human book

I like Michael Heiser’s — not a Mormon, but a believing Christian scholar — view that accounts for the data.

He doesn’t get pigeonholed on how he must think or not think about scripture.  It’s not a choice between these 2 options:  1)  Moses wrote the Torah or 2) The first 5 books of “Moses” are a lie and deception.

He says he believes the Bible is a “divine, human book.” You need both adjectives, not 1 adjective. Smart dude. Speaks like a Latter-day Saint!

Listened to this yesterday:

From LDS scholar, Ben Spackman:

Episode 45: Misunderstanding the Bible – Benjamin Spackman

More from Ben:

Episode 71: Genesis 1 – Benjamin Spackman


Michael Heiser explained how the Old Testament was formed. Lots of editing, redacting, “errors”, etc.

Shouldn’t be a surprise, really.  Languages evolved. So did the text.