L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology

Hubbard was a fascinating individual.  He went from an extremely active science fiction writer to founder of a controversial movement.

During the Great Depression, Hubbard was paid a penny a word.  For a time he published 100,000 words a month.  What a rate!

Joseph Smith created many revelations and dictated a few books.  But Joseph and Hubbard had many more differences than similarities.

Another perspective that discusses the founder, the process of auditing, the Scientology conception of Supreme Being, the 8 dynamics, the process of becoming clear, the idea of operating thetan (OT), a billion-year contract to join the Sea Org, the figure Xenu, the decision that Scientology was a church (after years of no tax-exempt status), the rise of celebrities in recruiting, and more:

I searched YouTube for an active, believing scientologist who discussed his/her own beliefs, but couldn’t find one.

Instead, I found all kinds of more typical accounts of one disaffected former member after another.

This video below highlights someone as disaffected as it gets.  Ron Miscavige, the son of the current Scientology leader and Chairman of the Board (COB), David Miscavige.

I read the audio book — Ruthless:  Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me — a few years ago.  Ron chats with Joe Rogan below: