Book of Abraham Answers

This book may be the most difficult to get one’s head around. A few helpful videos below:

Much supporting information can be found at Pearl of Great Price Central.

Below are additional current videos and discussions on this topic:

Kerry Muhlestein shared his views on this topic in 2018:

The Book of Abraham, Revelation, and You

Brett McDonald shares his insights. Video #20 below starts its portion on the Book of Abraham at the 17:00 mark.

How Much Should Pastors and Church Employees Get Paid?

I saw this book below and thought of a few things. Church talent — if you’re paying them — should be rewarded just like talent at McDonald’s or at the doctor’s office. The book below is spot on.

Of course, 108 top LDS officials get paid $120K a year. Full-time General Authorities. But not any area authorities, stake presidents, bishops, or countless others serving within area wards and stakes.

In our Latter-day Saint tradition, we should be grateful for the many who help build up the Church by serving for no compensation.

Links for more details on how LDS leaders are paid or reimbursed:

Click here for a lengthy post about stipends for 108 LDS General Authorities.

And here for a broad discussion of Church finances .

And here for a broad discussion of the way mission presidents are reimbursed, but not paid.


You know this better than anyone: Your church staff is crushing it. Every day they’re meeting the physical and spiritual needs of your church while engaging the wider community.

These unsung heroes rarely ask for recognition. They do what they do because they love God and love people. But even heroes have physical needs to take care of.

Missing the mark on compensation can have a major impact on your church—likely a bigger impact than you realize.

If salaries are too low, you might discover some things the hard way. Things like:

  • How the wrong compensation can weaken your team’s cohesion and enthusiasm 
  • The real cost of high turnover (and how to adjust your compensation accordingly)
  • Why you might miss out on talented individuals who might want to join your team (but have some unavoidable financial realities to juggle as well)

Making salary decisions based on hunches isn’t fair to those your hire—that’s why we created this guide. With the help of Vanderbloemen Search Group, we’ve compiled a guide for making salary decisions that not only honor your staff and their hard work but are also wise decisions for your church as a whole.

Don’t make another staff salary decision without reading this ebook first. 

Biblical Manuscripts and Changes Made to the Bible

This is a presentation of the facts. Many believe an ancient (original) English manuscript is lying around somewhere in the Middle East. It’s slightly more complicated than this.

None of this material should offend you. You should learn this if you don’t already understand this.

This debate (and evidence presented by Wallace), in my view, demonstrates that we have sufficient evidence to trust the text of the New Testament.

Though we have the fewest manuscripts from the centuries immediately after Christ, we still have more biblical manuscripts by many, many, many times than from other authors in the ancient world.

Were the scribes perfect? No. We know they made lots of mistakes. But the NT message was propagated.

LDS scholar, Thomas Wayment, shares his understanding on scripture:


Gary has good advice on doubting. He explains that most doubt is emotional. And provides strategies.

“Train your habit of faith.” Good advice from to C.S. Lewis.

Dealing with emotional doubt:

Dealing with factual doubt:

Church of Christ – Temple Lot (Hedrickites)

Rick Bennett interviews Jean Addams, who is a former president of the John Whitmer Association. Jean tells about his family connection to Granville and John Hedrick.

The Hedrickites play an interesting part in LDS Church history. Especially at the time they were involved in a lawsuit with the RLDS Church and feuded over polygamy. The RLDS Church insisted Joseph was not a polygamist. The Hedrickites insisted Joseph had multiple wives.

Part 2 discusses the gradual gathering back to Independence and the feud over the temple lot that eventually went to the Supreme Court.