Oliver Cowdery: credible witness

Several videos below that support Oliver’s major role in the restoration:

Critics have little to pick on with regard to Oliver Cowdery, but there are a few points to refute.  Watch videos #1-4:

Brian Hales addresses anti-Mormon arguments:

Critics suggest Oliver isn’t a credible witness, given his use of divining rods. From this article below you find that people all over the world — including in the highly educated and hardly superstitious United Kingdom — still use such divining rods.

 These rods are used for one reason: they work for unknown reasons.  Diving rods aren’t used by crazy, superstitious people with imaginations so wild they’ll believe anything.  Instead, this is a predictable practice that was linked to finding things. 

U.K. Water Companies Sometimes Use Dowsing Rods To Find Pipes

Jeff at LDS Q&A discusses Oliver and divining rods, starting around the 17:50 mark: