Luke, the evangelist

Last night I watched this movie at the theater.   Paul and Luke were major players in the film.

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After the movie, I’ve spent a few hours learning about Luke.  Fascinating man and writer.

A few facts about Luke:

  •  traveled much with and wrote much about Paul
  • thought to be a Gentile, not Jewish
  • wrote both the Gospel According to Luke and the Acts of the Apostles
  • is thought to be a physician


  • is a very careful writer, giving many details
  • he knows he’s writing a biography in the Gospel, and uses forms found in other great men from the ancient world (Plato, Augustus, etc); he’s more self-conscious
  • references Theophilus.  Who is Theophilus?   Called most excellent.  Perhaps wealthy man. Perhaps fictional: word comes from God + friend.


  • was not himself an eyewitness; he interviewed others and compiled sources, as other Gospel writers admit
  • probably wrote his Gospel around 70 AD (Peter and Paul already dead)
  • used Mark’s Gospel and the Q source (other quotes of Jesus in circulation), interviewed Mary the mother of Jesus, and others to create another account of Jesus