Jesus Christ should be our focus

We teach lots of things in our church.  But nothing is more important than Jesus Christ and the grace he extends to us through his sacrifice.

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I’ve recently heard critics say that Mormons worship their prophets and don’t speak enough about Jesus.  It caused me to reflect.

Much was restored in the restoration, which we must share with our members and others.  So, perhaps we have a few additional topics we have to teach on Sundays:  the plan of salvation (pre-earth life, 3 degrees of glory, etc), Word of Wisdom, temple work, and other topics.  Despite this new material, let us never forget the importance of Jesus Christ.

Non-Mormon scholar, Stephen Webb, shares his thoughts below:

Professor Says Mormons are Obsessed with Christ, Are “More Christian than Many Mainstream Christians”

“Mormon Christianity: What Other Christians Can Learn from the Latter-day Saints”