Faith Crisis Prevention and Testimony

Wonderful story with lots of wisdom.  Dan Conway in the UK shares his experiences:


The first non-Mormon speaker at a FAIR conference:

“Seeing the Light: Parallels in Mormon Conversion and De-Conversions Stories – Rosemary Avance”


Thoughts about anti-Mormon approaches by Martin Tanner:

Michael Ash discusses what is and what is not an anti-Mormon:

Michael Ash discusses the different impact of anti-Mormon arguments on various people:

Preparation and prevention is important.  Some problems in life are unavoidable.  But some are preventable.

According to this blogger, consider reviewing 15 books before (not after) having a faith crisis. Probably everyone reading this has a friend or family struggling with these issues. Many with the Church’s position on LGBT issues.

I personally wouldn’t buy all 15 books. Mostly because I’m frugal. But I would suggest watching lots of free YouTube videos on these same topics.


I own 1-3 and #7 from the linked list. I think book #3 will give you the quickest snapshot of the major issues. In-context answers are provided by the LDS-faithful authorities in that field.

#7 is huge cuz it defends the Book of Mormon witnesses. Critics always seize on 4-6 people:  very angry ex-Mormons or other critics with axes to grind.   All the witnesses stayed true to their testimony and themselves gave 200+ first-hand accounts.

I wrote another blog on Same-Sex Attraction here.

All of the 15 books listed have authors I’ve watched on YouTube (for free) on their topics.  The book list points to the most controversial topics.  Virtually all of the controversies dissolve away, once you see all the context.

I’ve long wondered what would have happened to a few people I know (now inactive atheist/agnostics) if they had studied these issues in a faithful way before their crisis. I imagine crisis would have been averted…


Great resources:

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FAIR MORMON is a great place to go for content.   LDS scholars provide insight on topics from blacks to polygamy and everything in between.

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I think getting good information is key. The LDS Perspectives Podcast is a wonderful and effective way to do that.

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LDS Truth Claims YouTube channel is another wonderful source for faithful content.  Brett McDonald does a great job!

Blake Ostler

Blake Ostler is another awesome source.  You can read his book or listen to his podcasts here.

Blake further discusses the topic of testimony: spiritual experiences as the basis for belief and commitment.


Is a testimony based purely on feelings?  Nope.

Michael Ash discusses faith and doubt:

More from Michael Ash:

Cognitive dissonance:

David Ostler shares his insight: